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Submitted by greg on Sat, 2007-01-13 18:36. gregs blog login or register to post comments

Alright - everything is basically setup and ready for use. So, what does that actually mean? Well, the first step is to register on the site. That''s the first step, but it''s really easy so go ahead and do that and then you can access all these great features:

For Patients (and potential patients, that includes you!)

The main goal for patients of Healthy Businesses like those listed on this site is to help you find good businesses and also share your advice and experience with other members of the site.

The Healthy Business Locator enables you to search a map to find businesses near you that provide the services you need. You can then click on the location to view the details about that office such as the ratings and review from other members of the site.

Any registered user can add businesses to the site. Click on the “Add Healthy Business” and then fill in the boxes of information to the best of your knowledge. It''s OK if you are unsure on some items – it''s great to get started with any information and we can fix it for you later.

If you know of a Healthy Business that is not in our Locator, please add the business.

During the Beta period we are paying people to add Healthy businesses. See below for details.

Provide ratings and review of Healthy Businesses

If you have visited one of our Healthy Businesses we want to know about your experience. One of the greatest values of the site is the information that Patients share with other Patients letting everyone know about the best businesses.

During the Beta period we are paying people to rate and review Healthy businesses. See below for details.

While this site is in Beta (and maybe afterwards – we''ll have to see how it works out) we are paying Patients to add information to the site: specifically adding Healthy Businesses to the Locator and adding Reviews of the Healthy Businesses on the site. Here are the details:

Add a Healthy Business: Name, contact information, location, must all be complete and accurate. We request you make an effort on the other pieces of information but they aren''t required.

Review a Healthy Business: You must complete each of the fields and provide the reasoning behind your ratings. We won''t be checking spelling, but do expect to see a couple of sentences in each area.

Payment: You will be paid in the form of a gift certificate to a Healthy Business that is listed on the site and a person can only earn one certificate in a month per type of content. For example, if you enter two reviews, you only get one certificate. But if you enter one Healthy Business and one Review then you get two certificates. To request a payment complete the payment request form. We need a link to the item that you added, a link to the Healthy Business where you want the certificate. The request must be entered in the same month as the content you added that earned you the certificate. We will process the request at the beginning of the month following the request and you should receive payment by the 15th of that month. For example, if you enter a review in February and then request payment (which has to be done in February for it to count) the request will be processed at the beginning of March and you will receive the certificate by the 15th of March. Don''t worry too much, if you request them during the payment request submission process we''ll send you emails along the way to let you know about the status of the request.

Newsletter - not too often, promise

Both registered and unregistered users can signup up for our newsletter. We promise we won''t send it out more than once a month unless something really crazy happens. The point is just to keep you updated on new features and new content on the site.

If you see a review that you agree with or a user whose blog post you like, click on their name and you can see their favorite businesses, all of their blog posts, and which businesses they like the most. For an example, take a look at Greg''s profile.

The over-arching goal is to help patients find you, learn about you, and then get candid feedback from your past patients. It''s the process of conversation in a community.

Add or update your Healthy Business listing in our Locator

Whether you enter the information or someone else entered it for you, we want to make sure that the information in the Locator is accurate and updated. The easiest way is for you to register as the manager/owner of that location which will allow you to edit the listing. We use a verification process that includes using the phone number and mailing address of the business to ensure that we give this capability to the right person.

Post articles to the Healthy Blog

Our site has a Healthy Blog that''s made up of the individual Blogs of different practitioners on the site. The value here is clear: it provides a low cost way of getting your name in front of thousands of people each month.

If you''re like most practitioners, you are also a patient of many Healthy Businesses and you probably have friends who work in the industry. You can take advantage of all of the benefits available to patients as well like finding businesses, adding businesses, and reviewing businesses. We won''t even mind if you review your own business (just be honest...).

What else do you want to see? Please submit a feature request so we know about it.

The Colorado Health Community is currently in an Open Beta period. You can sign up for an account which will require administrator approval. We are seeking testers to help us shape the future features of the site. So if you are interested please sign up and include some background and motivation for helping with the site in your "bio". Read more about the beta

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