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How to Stay Fit and Healthy How to Stay Fit and Healthy

How to Stay Fit and Healthy:

There is no short cut to staying fit and eventually a healthy life. There is no single recipe for staying fit either. But yes, a perfect blend of nutritious food and physical exercises can certainly make way for a fit and healthy life. Fitness is basically a broad term that encapsulates many factors for a healthy living. Staying fit not only means that an individual is physically fit; it also means that the individual is in a disease free state. Fitness should be both physical and mental.

How to Stay Fit and Healthy

Physical exercises alone cannot guarantee complete fitness. To achieve a physically fit body, mind and soul individuals need to exercise and follow a healthy dietary regime. The first step to staying fit is to achieve a desirable body weight by shedding off those extra kilos. This can be done by following a low calorie and low fat diet followed by regular exercises. There is a tendency amongst the youth to starve in order to achieve that perfect toned body. But, they need to understand that starvation is certainly not the road to a healthy body. After some time they can lose weight and get the kind of body they are longing for; but in the long run it would have a bad effect on their health. Slowly and steadily switching over to a healthier meal plan is what is advisable.

How to Stay Fit and Healthy

Beginning a rigorous exercise regime almost suddenly is also not healthy. You need to gradually begin with simple free hand exercises and then move on to the more complex variety. It is advisable to begin with 15 – 20 minute walk each day and then probably a week later you can begin practicing some simple exercises. Such a regime will allow the muscles to adjust to your daily routine of exercise and would not make you feel tired and weak.

A perfect fitness program can be designed with a fine balance of exercises and healthy diet. A healthy diet is basically a well-balanced diet wherein your food plate consists of all food groups. Include lots of greens and whole grain cereals in your food plate. The more the amount of fiber the better will be your weight loss program. So, the idea behind this is very simple – less of calorie dense food and more of work out will help you achieve your goal of weight loss faster. Also, ensure that you have a protein rich diet so that you don’t lose your muscle mass while on weight loss program.

How to Stay Fit and Healthy

Another factor that needs mention here is that, after weight loss is achieved, individuals have a tendency to gorge on the foods that were forbidden during the weight loss program. This tendency causes a sudden weight gain which is pretty unhealthy for the body system. Therefore, the weight which is lost needs to be maintained with a new dietary plan and regular physical exercises.

All of us are aware of the popular statutory warning that – smoking kills. This warning will stay on – but of late this is what is hitting the headlines – “sedentary lifestyle kills”. Yes, it is true. Sedentary or inactive lifestyle gradually pushes us to the path of various chronic degenerative diseases that would ultimately cause us to die in an ugly manner – bed ridden. We certainly do not want this to happen. Therefore, the need of the hour is to stay fit and healthy by following certain simple rules that would allow all of us to live life with full zest, zing and vigor. You would find yourself aging gracefully and not on wheelchairs. So, now is the time to get up; get up and walk and exercise, say no to junk food and say yes to healthy food!! Stay fit, stay healthy!!

How to Stay Fit and Healthy How to Stay Fit and Healthy How to Stay Fit and Healthy

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Health and Fitness How to Stay Fit and Healthy

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