Health Sculptures: Healthy Omelet

Health Sculptures: Healthy Omelet

My love story with fitness and health.

In US, an egg omelet for breakfast is normal. In Southern India, where I grew up, egg omelets are side dishes for a regular meal, mostly with rice, when you do not have any other vegetable curry or poriyal (as we call it). Only recently omelets are being accepted as breakfast. I know it is strange, but just wanted to share this interesting fact.

Eggs are naturally healthy food. They are rich in protein and low in carbs. They are even recommended for babies older than 9-12 months. A couple of hard boiled eggs make a really good breakfast, when you are rushing to the early morning meeting. There is only one thing to note here. Yes, eggs are really good. But egg yolks are high in cholesterol (one egg yolk with 62% cholesterol of daily value) which is definitely not a healthy number. Restaurants normally make a 3 egg omelet. We order them but not all of us are aware of the cholesterol content. Here is the nutrition chart for an egg omelet and egg white alone. Take a look at the highlighted numbers and the difference here. It is obvious.

The verdict is to avoid egg yolks and add more egg whites so you get the best of both worlds. High protein with low or no cholesterol. Egg Whites are available in cartons now and are very popular too. Given an option, I prefer natural egg whites, that you get by filtering out the whites from the regular egg and not the processed egg whites sealed in a carton.

I know your concern. You are wasting the egg yolks here. Egg yolks make a good mask for hair and face and has many other uses. So no worries!!

Miss the rich taste of the yolk? No problem! You can just add 1 yolk and more egg whites, which would not shoot up your cholesterol beyond the recommended level.

Normally, I add 3 egg whites and 1 yolk, which makes a perfect size omelet. I also add onions (cut in small cubes), salt and pepper with the egg. The onions give the omelet a golden yellow color that I totally love. If you want to go grand, you can add some avocado, sauteed mushrooms, sauteed bell peppers and some tomatoes on top of it. Of course, this would need some prep time. I normally make this on weekends and everybody at my home loves it. Yes, it is not as tasty as a regular omelet full of cholesterol. But when you layer it with enough vegetables you will not find much difference.Tips: If you are in a rush, you can grab the hard boiled eggs, but... yes you got it right. More egg whites and only one or no egg yolk.

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