Proposed amendments to The Rules

Proposed amendments to The Rules

for Competition 14

Proposal to amend Rule 6

Since it is possible for a Team to take a tactical advantage when having less than 6 players by not informing their opposing Captain before filling out the Score Sheet, it is proposed that Rule 6 be amended as follows:

Matches should commence at 8.00 p.m. on the date scheduled for the Match.

By that time the 2 Captains, or their nominated deputies shall confirm the number of Players in their Teams before they define the Players in the first set of Games on the Match Score Sheet. If a Team is unable to do this by 8.15 the Match will be awarded to the opposing Team by Default, unless the Team asks their opponent for a delay, in which case formalities must be completed by 8.30.

This slight change to the wording will clarify the meaning of this Rule so as to ensure that Captains can decide strategy knowing how many Games will be played.

Proposal to adopt seeding for Knockout Round 1

Since the objective of introducing the ‘Bowl’ Competition for losers of the First Round of the Knockout was to give more chance to a lower Team of winning a Trophy, and this objective has not been met due to top Teams being knocked out in the First Round of the Knockout Competition after being drawn against each other (and subsequently easily winning the ‘Bowl’) it is proposed that the following method be used for seeding the First Round of the Knockout:

All Teams entering the Knockout Competition should be seeded by Division, so that each pair in the First Round consists of a Team from each Division. When drawing each pair a coin should be tossed to see which Team is at Home. For subsequent Rounds there should be no seeding, as previously.

This will ensure that 2 top Teams cannot meet in the First Round and the loser subsequently have an easy time in the ‘Bowl’, and it will also ensure that each Team plays against a Team that it will not meet in League Competition. Hopefully this will result in lower Teams winning the ‘Bowl’ rather than the strong Teams as previously has happened.