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2010  August  Nick Clark Health (NCH)

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How to Know if you are a good listener.

It was an interesting day today. I had just taken a great yoga class from one of my really good buddies and happened to be in wonderful spirits.I know that is hard to imagine! lol. As I made my way to a coffee shop to use their internet, not their coffee, I had been thinking about a book that I am really enjoying at the moment. It is called How Yoga Works. Quite simply put, it is a book that explains why yoga can transform your life and your body, no matter what state of mind you are in. By happenstance the fellow that is being used as an example through out the book is having a hard time with back pain. Seems to be a pretty common thing. Do you have it? A lot of people do! The chapter that I read last night was completely about listening to yourself and channeling your breath so that you can calm your inner winds, your energy channels, and loosen your tension. Really, it is tough enough to be a good listener when listening to other people, but even more so we have a very very hard time listening to ourselves. How do we know when we have gone too far or pushed too hard? How do we know if we need to sleep or need to work out? The only way to know is to listen to yourself.

Strange how things happen. It really is. Have you ever thought about someone who you havent talked to in a long while and then out of no where you run into them or they call you? This happened to me today and to someone else I know.but that is a different story. Maybe because I was listening for the right cues or maybe because I was in tune with myself, I had a gracious opportunity to meet a young fellow and his son when I arrived at the coffee shop.to use their internet.not their coffee! lol. The man was only 35 years old and had awful back pain.weird huh? Seemed like a perfect time for me to reach out and tell him about what I do and how it could help him. I only provide options that I know will work. If someone doesnt have the desire to change then they will never use my information, but this fellow was very open to talking about natural products that I represent and the Yoga that has also transformed my body. He was so into it that I started running him through a half sun salutation in the parking lot. I thought this was a bit awkward, but once again, he wanted to change and so he didnt care, which I really respected. I thought his son would even get into it.then I realized his son was looking at me kind of funny, for four or five sun salutations, he said nothing, then all of the sudden he said.quite bluntly, You Have Gigantic Ears!!..pauseum

.then his dad said, son, that is because he is using them to listen more than he is using his mouth to talk!

I suppose it is better to be told you have big ears and that you are a good listener then it is to be told that you have a big mouth and need to be quiet!

A big lesson can really come from this story, and I think this time I will let you think about what the story meant to you as it may have meant something totally different to you than for me.and I will wait to listen to your comments!

Enjoy this beautiful last day of August and keep your head high as you are POWERFUL!

~Helping people find creative ways to get healthy!


Chill out!! Im Riding a bike.

How impatient can people be? Do you really want to know? Actually, I dont have to tell you because you already know. Everyone does. Its easy to get in a hurry and even easier to forget our manors when we have only our destination in mind. This is in every different situation; at work, at home, on the road and more.

While riding a quick and steady 60 mile stretch today with a good friend, the conversation came up as I know it has come up thousands of times before, what are the rules on the road when bikers are mixed in with drivers?

Simply, my initial reaction was entirely based off of what I think is common sense. I feel that no matter the rules of the road and no matter who is right and who is wrong, a person riding a bicycle should always watch his back. Unfortunately there are a whole lot of people driving vehicles at 70 miles an hour that dont care if you are legally entitled to 3 feet on the inside of the white line. Why? Because they are stressed, rude, and impatient amongst other things. How you drive is like doing yoga, it really reflects how you do everything (and I mean everything). If you cant slow down to let some cars by to insure the safety of another human being, then you might be a little bit reckless, impatient, and overall sloppy in life. Did they forget that a person on a bike has absolutely no chance at coming out of an accident where a car strikes them going at that speed? Did they forget that bikers are humans too?

My argument is this, because there are a lot of people out there who absolutely dont care enough to slow down and pass a biker when there is a clearance, then the risk of riding a bike is incredibly high. When the risk of doing something is really high, then it may be in the best interest of the biker to use the three foot rule so that if a person starts to run them off of the road, then they have 3 feet to maneuver to the right side with out going all the way off the road. It has been said by a lot of people that a biker should only be in the bike lane or riding on the white line, but if there is not a bike lane and on the outer edge of the white line is a cliff, then there is nowhere to go when the inevitable jerk rolls right up on you going 100 miles per hour. So, I say to use the 3 foot rule and to also use a mirror to watch your back on highways with high traffic!

Also, I think that it is very good to ride side by side with another rider so that you are more of a presence on the road and so that people are forced to slow down and wait. It is a very easy way to teach people some patience and also a great way to get a solid conversation in on the subject!

How do you feel about this topic?

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