Healthcare Reform Saving cost in the Medical Laboratory Services : Medical Laboratory in Health & Safety

Healthcare Reform Saving cost in the Medical Laboratory Services : Medical Laboratory in Health & Safety

Healthcare Reform Saving cost in the Medical Laboratory Services

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Peter Odeh asked: Duplication of cost By duplication of cost I am simply referring to some services that technologists provide which has the potential to substantiate, refute or help primary healthcare provider to make the judgment as to how best to proceed with the patient. An example of duplication of cost for the patients is when the medical technologist performs maybe a culture and sensitivity on a biological specimen and was able to determine both the causative organism and the most sensitive drug or medication that can arrest the infection. In spite of the fact that the job was done by the technologist in this case, the patients are always charge twice by paying for the cost of the test and then having to pays for pathologist too. Laboratory Management Many healthcare establishments go to a great learnt to find qualified personnel that will fill in vacant positions. Unfortunately in spite of the cost of hiring, there are some laboratory managers that have allowed their personality issues to compromise qualified medical technologist resulting in the recommendation for such fellows to be fired! The implications are too numerous to count, however it suffice to note that such a healthcare establishment not only loose this qualified personnel but waste too much resources in trying to gather information to pursue their myopic agenda. In other words healthcare facilities that lack the necessary professional environment and which does not support the genuine quest for quality healthcare services will always be at the losing end while at the same time shifting the cost burden on the patient. Professionalism at the job place The issue of professionalism at the job place can never be overemphasized. As a matter of fact one of the avenue in which the laboratory services waste too much resources is the inability to create an environment that both challenges the management and at the same time enable innovations that have the potential of improving the delivery of quality and quantity of service. Many managers are too cut up with the quest to punitively deal with young professionals that have potential of being an example of a rising star in the profession that unfortunately is consider as a second class field in the medical and healthcare profession. It is crucially important that the laboratory management must thrive to identify such “bright stars” among us and encourages them rather than myopically think of them as potential replacers in the not too distant future. This kind of detrimental mentality has the potential of making managers that feel threatened to seek ways and invest so much resource in trying to get rid of these young professionals even at the detriment of the profession and patient care. Managers must encourage their subordinates to offer their perspective especially opinions that have the potential of positively impacting patient care without fear of discrimination or becoming a target for elimination or termination as a result of the dogmatic inclinations of the such a supervisor. Without doubt a good manager is one which tempers justice with mercy especially when patients are not compromised and furthermore create an enabling environment for members of the team to learn from mistakes and improve standard procedures to become suitable for the 21st century practice. Computerization  Computerization must be the method of preference in dealing with the many laboratory services in a fashion that supports the authentic elucidation, or diagnosis, treatment and prevention or management of the patients or persons conditions. In other words manual routines that are easily susceptible to human errors no matter the check and balances must be discouraged as much as possible. A simple analogy is the issuance of medication to patients with similar last names. Computerization methods which take into account the information of the patients beyond just the name, age and other parameters will help eliminate errors in wrong issuance as opposed to manual routines of having a second person verify our work.The human body is humane and subject to fatigue and distress and under such conditions there are tendencies that mistakes can be made. Modernization of training  The present curriculum for training medical technologist in the country is too narrow and does not support contemporary demand in the healthcare services. By and large medical technologists are train in a fashion that is synonymous to medical technicians in some developing country based on my experiences. Medical technologists must not only be able to perform the tests required of them, but be trained in a manner that they can interpret the results and promptly give the necessary advice and assistance to the other medical and healthcare team so that interventions can be timely and cost effective. It is indeed regrettable that medical technologists have little or no clinical experience at all especially in terms of appreciating the necessity to know under which conditions of symptoms and signs that some of the medical tests recommended by a primary healthcare provider is valid. Furthermore if medical technologists are trained in such a fashion as to make them actively involved especially at the primary healthcare level, this will create a tremendous work force that has the potential of reducing shortages of qualified personnel. Consequently the argument about shortages and inability to provide healthcare especially at this crucial level of the population could be so drastically and dramatically reduced that it may become very easy to cover as many people as possible. This training does not in any way attempt to make medical technologists to become medical doctors, on the contrary it will substantiate their position as a relevant team member of the medical and healthcare community while at the same time making healthcare services cheaper and affordable. In developing country like Nigeria, prospective medical technologists training side by side with prospective medical doctors under the faculty or college of medical sciences have come to appreciate their symbiotic relationship and most especially in context of their desire to serve humanity as scientific healers and wellbeing providers. Medical technologist learns to perform phlebotomy and had extensive knowledge of the pharmacology of infectious diseases and some etiological factors of simple colds and pyrexia of unknown origin. This knowledge base has made graduates to be very visible, relevant and easily help other medical and healthcare provider in the diagnosis, treatment, management and prevention of health conditions. Summarily the Medical Laboratory Services section of the medical and healthcare field has the potential of saving lots of cost through some basic reformation of how business is being done and consequently should be encourage adapting some of the examples give above. We are a part of the healing ministry that the medical and healthcare profession is best known for and while we want to make a living, without doubt we must exercise the mentality and consciousness of desiring to provide the best possible care for our patients, which in reality are more or less our loved ones and not just customers.

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