Menopause Relief Cream

Menopause Relief Cream

75% of women experience symptoms associated with menopause


The major ingredients in BioGest®, specialized extract of Wild yam herb, Rose geranium and Sage essential oils, have been individually used to help hormonal balance that may be upset by the effects of menopause.

The addition of vitamin E, Flaxseed oil and a homeopathic dilution of both Wild yam and progesterone, ensures optimal absorption and assists in production of the enzyme cascade to facilitate hormone balancing.

Symptoms of menopause occur because oestrogen and progesterone levels are out of balance. BioGest naturally helps your body to balance its oestrogen and progesterone levels with photo-oestrogenic essential oils, Rose Geranium and Sage that have a balancing effect on oestrogen levels, and therapeutic doses of a specialised extract of Wild yam herb, homeopathic Wild yam and homeopathic progesterone.

BioGest Menopause Relief has been on the market for 10 years, is safe, and does not have any known side effects. It is one of the few natural products shown to be effective in clinical research, backed by an independent, double blind, placebo-controlled trial..


A randomized double blind placebo controlled study of 23 menopausal women over a 5 month period was used to assess the effectiveness of BioGest Menopause Relief cream for the treatment
of menopausal symptoms.

Results showed that BioGest Menopause Relief cream is effective in the treatment of vasomotor (hot flushes and night sweats) and physical (particularly aching in muscles and joints, decrease in physical strength, feeling a lack of energy, and changes in appearance of texture of skin) symptoms of menopause. It was not shown to improve the psychosocial or emotional symptoms that are often associated with menopause.

This study highlighted the diversity of symptoms associated with menopause and supports the usage of natural treatments including BioGest Menopause Relief cream for the most common menopausal symptoms.


• BioGest uses only Mexican Wild yam – the most potent form of Wild yam available. The liquid extraction process is performed just before the cream is manufactured for optimum product effectiveness.
• BioGest only uses Wild yam that is certified to be free of pesticides and hence free of potential
chemicals or xenoestrogens.
• BioGest contains Flaxseed oil and vitamin E – each with their own powerful moisturising properties.
• BioGest uses only natural vitamin E, which provides a topical antioxidant (anti-aging) effect on the skin.


• Cream
• Available as bulk or packaged
• Packaged in glass bottle with cardboard box
• Co-branding available


Ingredient Action
Wild Yam
(Liquid Extract)

• Traditionally used to relieve the symptoms of hormonal imbalance
• The active constituent of this herb is considered to be diosgenin

Rose Geranium
Essential Oil
• Phyto-oestrogenic
• Has a regulatory effect on the hormonal system lymphatic stimulant
• Helps relieve depression, vaginal dryness, joint aches, breast pain/ swelling, nervous irritability and anxiety or agitation
Sage Essential Oil • Phyto-oestrogenic reduces sweating
• Relaxant & restorative effect on the nervous systems
• Helps relieve night sweats, dizziness, emotional tension and anxiety
Wild Yam
• Potentiates the effects of other ingredients
• Assists with the body’s production of enzymes involved in the steroid synthesis cascade
• Homeopathics are traditionally used to reset the body’s metabolic pathways
Base Cream • Vegetable based contains Vitamin E & Flaxseed Oil to enhance
transdermal absorptionno petrochemical ingredients moisturising

Recommended Adult Dosage
Apply ¼ to ½ metric teaspoon of cream morning and night to areas of soft skin. Rotate the area of application daily between the inner arms (elbow & forearm), neck, inner thighs, abdomen & chest. Allow 4-8 weeks for best results. Commence at the higher recommended application level (1/2 metric teaspoon) and move to the lower recommended level when desired results are achieved.


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