More free DLC on the way for Mass Effect 2

More free DLC on the way for Mass Effect 2
Concept art for the Hammerhead tank, as found in the Collectors Edition art book

The crew over at BioWare have been all a’Twitter this week, with the release and almost universal acclaim for the new Mass Effect 2. Well a little while ago, they’ve also announced that a second DLC pack will be making it’s way to the game in the next couple of weeks. And the best part of all? Just like the Zaeed Massani content, it’s completely free for those already signed up to the Cerberus Network. Nice to see that there’s still a developer out there who doesn’t mind adding the word ‘free’ to their DLC, BioWare.

As to the upcoming package’s content, there is all manner of speculation over the internet. Eight out of ten Salarian science teams agree that this pack will be adding the M57 Hammerhead Hovertank, which was originally designed to replace the literally-all-terrain vehicle Mako from Mass Effect 1. If so, then this means that we might actually get some planetary exploration back, instead of long, drawn-out scanning for minerals. Quickly, launch moar probes while you still can!

Other rumours point to the 12th recruitable member of Shepard’s team, who is discoverable using a little debugging with the PC version. The last member, known only by her placeholder name and image “Kasumi”, is a thief of some variety and is definitely probably not a crossover character from Dead or Alive: Paradise. To my mind the tank seems more likely at this point, as we haven’t even heard BioWare discuss the last crew member, but there’s still an empty slot on the selection screen and a spare room in my Normandy, so they might surprise us yet.

I guess we’ll find out in the next couple of weeks. For those with Twitter accounts, it’s no doubt worthwhile following the BioWare feed. Gameplay developer Christina Norman is usually also quite free in her insider info. Those wanting our opinion on Mass Effect 2, hold tight for the time being, as Stu is currently mopping the drool off his floor before writing his review.