Parental Influences on the Health of Children

Parental Influences on the Health of Children

Parental Influences on the Health of Children

Every parent wants to ensure the health of their children. The health of children includes the physical, mental, and social well being of the child, easily ensured by giving health giving food, and making sure that they get enough exercise, which is important, when nowadays, many children spend their spare time glued to a TV or computer monitor screen.

It is important that any parent ensures that their children get regular check ups with the family doctor or health care provider, but any responsible and observant parent can soon see any changes in their child which may be a warning of ill health.

Early Warning Signs

-Any sign of weight gain or loss.

-Any problems associated with sleep or behavioral pasterns.

-An outbreak of an unexplained rash or a skin infection.

-Respiratory problems or any kind of breathing difficulty.

-Difficulty with swallowing due to a sore throat.

-High temperature and fever.

Any sign of the child running a high temperature or having a fever (easily checked by feeling the child’s forehead or using a thermometer under the arm) should be treated seriously, since it may be an early indication of bronchopneumonia, especially if accompanied by a cough and runny nose along with soreness of the chest, in which case medical attention should be sort immediately.


The term Pneumonia can be very frightening for any parent to cope with but in real terms refers to the lungs being inflamed, the severity of which can depend upon the age of the child and the type of infection.

The most common cause of pneumonia is the result of a bacterial infection, although more severe cases can be caused by a virus or even result from certain types of fungus or moulds.

Treatment of Pneumonia

Many cases of pneumonia in children can be treated at home with the common Lobar type of the disease usually clearing up after two or three days following the administration of antibiotic injections given by the health care provider.

However in more serious cases of pneumonia particularly if breathing becomes difficult and there are signs of blueness on the child’s tongue then immediate hospitalization may be necessary when assistance may be required by giving extra oxygen to the child and physiotherapy treatment to encourage the removal of phlegm.