All fees quoted are in addition to actual expenses.

All fees quoted are in addition to actual expenses.

Fee Schedule

Seminars and Educational Programs Full Day $3500
Multi-Day Programs Call for quote
Half-Day (up to 4 hrs) $1750

Breakouts / Panel Participation

(4 hour minimum)


Keynote Presentation

60-90 minutes


All fees quoted are in addition to actual expenses.

Call us to discuss possible gate-share and other occasional discounted arrangements that we might be able to offer.

Dr. Todd''s Policy Regarding Uncompensated Presentations and Travel Expenses:

We appreciate your kind invitation to present a program for your state or national chapter association event. We receive numerous requests each week from numerous healthcare industry professional associations and educational institutions, medical and dental residency programs and other organizations because of the popularity and caliber of Dr. Todd''s presentations. Many of these organizations have budgets either too small or no budget at all to bring in a nationally recognized, credentialed speaker, author and consultant with the experience and name recognition Dr. Todd carries. We also understand how tight educational program budgets can be.

Dr. Todd believes in supporting associations she belongs to, including HFMA, MGMA, the Health Care Compliance Association, HIMSS, Academy of Procedural Coders and many others. To demonstrate this support, Dr. Todd presents up to two breakout sessions or half-day programs per year at no charge, and limited to these organizations, when held in her home city. Dr. Todd also actively participates in various other voluntary boards and activities in her community. This limitation enables her to support the educational endeavors of these valuable organizations, yet minimizes the time away from the office and other client matters because no travel is involved. After more than 15 years as a professional speaker and presenter and more than 60,000 professionals through over 1800 programs who have consistently rated her programs first quartile, Dr. Todd''s national experience as a speaker to any group size is polished, engaging and delivers valuable training.

Dr. Todd respects the integrity of the "teachable moment". Unlike many large consulting firms that offer their free presentations as teasers and informercials, Dr. Todd refrains from this practice and presents a purely educational program. Handouts are prepared without logos except for first and last page, and the actual presentation is presented without hyperbole about HealthPro''s consulting services. If a participant seeks additional information regarding subsequent consulting services or speaking opportunities, only then is a business card made available upon request. As a courtesy and out of respect for your sponsors and other speakers, that discussion is held after the event in order to maintain the focus on your event.

Several times per week, Dr. Todd is asked to deviate from this policy for one reason or another, and sometimes, for a national program with anticipated attendance over 50,000, a rare exception may be made. In order to reduce the uncomfortable situation for both parties of having to decline these requests, we hope that this explanation will help meeting planners and program chairs to understand her position on uncompensated programs and expenses. Experienced meeting planners and program coordinators know that a professional speaker can make a difference with the success and outcomes of a program... and inexperienced speakers and/or informercials can sometimes cause disastrous events including poor evaluations and negative publicity for future events.

If your association encounters difficulty hosting a program due to a limited budget, call us for some creative underwriting ideas and leads to sponsors willing to co-host a program. We''ll help wherever we can. For more information, please call us at 800-209-7263.