Body by Vi 90 Day Challenge Results Videos

Body by Vi 90 Day Challenge Results Videos Well, despite reverting back to my old, beer-guzzling ways over the holiday weekend, I have managed to SMASH through the 50-pound mark on my Body by Vi 90 Day Challenge. This week was a good example of making up for the sins of the diet by hitting the gym, and HARD.

The one thing that saved my A$$ this weekend was the little fitness center at the hotel. Even though the elliptical was off-brand, and had a stride length that made me feel like I was doing baby-steps to cardio, I still managed to squeeze out a few 1000-calorie workouts while I was traveling.

Monday also marked 20 days left in my 90 Day Challenge, so I’ve decided to step up to 2-a-days until my challenge is over. My goal with the 2-a-days is to burn at least an extra 2500 calories per day. Combine this with my BMR, which is around 2500 calories a day, too, and I’ll be burning over 5000 calories a DAY! Or at least that’s the theory in play here.

Here’s how the numbers break down from Day 1:

Start weight: 304.4 pounds

Week 1—Lost 11 lbs—Weight: 293.4 lbs
Week 2—Lost 5.4 lbs–Weight: 288.0 lbs
Week 3—Lost 4.8 lbs–Weight: 283.2 lbs
Week 4—Lost 5.2 lbs–Weight: 278.0 lbs
Week 5—Lost 8.6 lbs–Weight: 269.4 lbs
Week 6—Lost 0.0 lbs–Weight: 269.4 lbs
Week 7—Lost 7.8 lbs–Weight: 261.6 lbs
Week 8—Lost 0.6 lbs–Weight: 261.0 lbs
Week 9—Lost 5.8 lbs–Weight: 255.2 lbs
Week 10–Lost 3.6 lbs-Weight: 251.6 lbs.

I have now lost 53 pounds in 10 short weeks! I could not be more thrilled with my progress.

The Challenge works, folks. Get on it today. Call me at 614-425-7877 with any questions you might have and we’ll get you started to a better life TODAY!!