Exercise And Weight Loss Health and Weight Review

Exercise And Weight Loss  Health and Weight Review

Exercise And Weight LossIs taekwondo or karate good for a plus size woman to learn self defense and for exercise / weight loss?

Any traditional martial art discipline will be good for anyone, no matter their age, height, weight, musculature or lack thereof, etc. The point is, the martial arts are for absolutely everyone.

Find a good instructor, a quality school, and a group of good students and they will work with you from the beginning to help you achieve your goals and gain an understanding of the art whichever one you decide upon. Very few people come to the martial arts already prepared to just jump right in. Most have to orient themselves either mentally, spiritually, or physically. Beginner classes are designed just for this purpose.

My best advice to you would be to seek out a quality instructor i.e someone you like, trust, can talk to, and someone who engages you honestly and answers all of your questions sincerely. Once youve found such an individual, the dsicipline doesnt matter so much, as youll be spending a lot of time with that instructor.

Once you start, just take your time and be courteous to yourself. Everyone feels a little lost and uncomfotrable when they begin something new, and the martial arts is no exception. Hopefully your instructor will do a good job of making you feel at home. comfortable, and engaged. Before you know it, youll be loving it and looking forward to classes.

Good luck on your new martial arts journey

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