Hygiene Keys For Outsmarting Nail Fungus

Hygiene Keys For Outsmarting Nail Fungus

Nail fungus is a nasty little problem that can be embarrassing, unsightly, and even painful. Fungal infections develop slowly over time and can be difficult to treat. Once they have invaded your nails, it can be quite a battle to get ride of a fungal infection. Fungus thrives in warm and dark environments. It comes as no surprise then that nail fungal infections often develop at the toes. Fortunately, there are several steps you can take to prevent the onset of nail fungal infections. Here are seven smart and simple tips for outsmarting nail fungus. It is a lot easier to prevent nail fungal infections than have to fight them off for years.

1. When you go to the nail salon, make certain that the salon is following sanitation standards. We’ve all heard horror stories about women contracting serious infections from nail salons who use infected tools and supplies. Before you sit down at the manicurist’s table, make sure your nail salon is following proper nail salon hygiene. Don’t be afraid to ask about hygiene procedures. Reputable and hygienic nail salons want to make their customers feel secure about their salon experience and will not hesitate to outline their safety and hygiene standards. You will want to know how often equipment is sterilized, the procedure for sterilization, and whether they use disposable emery boards. Emery boards cannot be sterilized, so make sure they use a different emery board for each patient.

2. Only visit trained and licensed spa technicians and manicurists. Ask about the training of the manicurists if you are in doubt. Many reputable spas will tout the expertise and training of their staff, so it should not be difficult to find this information if you are visiting a well-known spa.

3. If in doubt, bring your own tools to your salon. If you feel too shy to ask about the salon’s hygiene standards, an easy solution is to bring your own nail tools. Simply tell your manicurist that you feel more comfortable using your own tools.

4. Keep your nails trimmed and healthy. One of the easiest ways to prevent nail fungal infection is to keep your nails clean and healthy. Trimming regularly helps prevent fungi from sneaking into the warm, moist part of the inside of your nails.

5. Don’t cut your cuticles. If you visit a nail salon, tell your manicurist that you do not want your cuticles cut. Instead, have your manicurist push the cuticles back. Why should you avoid having your cuticles clipped? Snipping the cuticles can result in the nail becoming separated from the nail. Also, if the cuticles are clipped, this makes it easier for fungi and other infectious agents to get into the nail.

6. Visit your dermatologist or derma surgeon every year, especially if you have a history of nail fungal infections. Prevention is key when it comes to nail fungal infections. Once the infection has settled in, it can be hard to overcome. Make it a point to visit your dermatologist or derma surgeon each year and have them check for early signs of problems or infection.