Men Health issues - Part 4

Men Health issues - Part 4

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Viagra - Change to Men’s Sexual Health To day our discussions will be related to Men’s sexual health. By Men’s Sexual Health, I want to mean all round soundness of body and mind of a man including his sexual capability.

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How to deal with the stress, insecurity and anxiety caused by a small penis.

Posted by andissswin Posted in Health and Fitness Posted on 31-05-2010

A small penis is a curse for men. Although one could argue that other physical problems, such as not growing tall enough or a receding hairline, are just as bad, there are few things that can make a man shy away from physical intimacy like a small penis. Such men are not afraid of being rejected out of hand by women; they are actually afraid of being accepted because rejection is likely to be waiting down the line. The deep emotional scarring caused by a small penis acts like a barrier preventing many men from forming any kind of friendship that involves a certain level of physical intimacy. Changing in a locker room, going to the beach or a swimming pool and other such activities are all potential exposure situations which men have to avoid, no matter how much they may like to engage in them.

When it comes to finding a girlfriend, a small penis is the worst possible asset. It beats even not showering frequently enough, because a small penis makes a man ridiculous in the eyes of women. Many times it doesn’t even matter if the ladies in question make no comment on the size of the penis. The men always suppose themselves inadequate and suspect women of trying to protect or to fool them. This pattern of shyness, suspicion and distrust stays with men throughout their lives and tends to influence decisions on other issues. The negative impact on both the social and private lives of such men is enormous. Any man or woman who comes too close is under suspicion because they may reveal the “secret”, purposely or not, and expose the man in question to public ridicule.

The best way to deal with this issue is to try and get over the small size. Instead of letting this taint all your relationships with other people, you should count their blessings and ask themselves if a small penis is really that important in life. Stop comparing yourself with pornstars and bodybuilders with thighs as big as your torso, because such comparisons will do you no good. If you were average in physics, would you compare yourself with Einstein? I don’t think so. The second thing you can do is to look for the more decent girls, those who do not move around from one man to another. If a girl hasn’t had any sex in a while, she is sure to be tight enough that your small size won’t matter. And last, but not least: learn to trust other people. Once penis size is out of the way, you will understand that friendship and love are beautiful things.

About Me It is well known that men are much less likely than women to seek basic or routine preventative medical care. But actually, there are more common men''s health problems compare to woman that are can be permanently debilitating, devastating or even fatal if they are not detected until symptoms make themselves known. Common issues of this type include (from simple to live threatening health problem ) like Stammer, Acne and Fat, Hair Loss, Erectile Dysfunction and prostate problems. Hi, My name is Andi, I am 38 Years old. Until now I have experienced all the common men''s health problems such as stammer, acne, hair loss and now erectile dysfunction. So with this blog, I want to share my experiences in finding the cause and possible treatments that are both effective and affordable.Category Acne and Fat (4)

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SizeGenetics plus MaleExtra – Boost Your Gains

How to deal with the stress, insecurity and anxiety caused by a small penis.

Common Men’s Health Issues That You Should be Concerned

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