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Self Hypnosis Technique Self Hypnosis Technique

Self hypnosis is a type of relaxation technique to calm your senses and relieve you from various sorts of stress and anxiety. It is a technique which involves gaining a conscious control over self that would go a long way in relieving stress. Self hypnosis enables you achieve deep relaxation by way of hypnotizing yourself. The advantage of this technique over the usual hypnosis method is that you can practice this technique all by yourself as you do not require any hypnotist for it.

Mastering the art of self hypnosis comes with practice and you can use it on a regular basis to relieve stress and stay relaxed. It not only helps relieve stress but also helps divert your mind from unpleasant thoughts that normally keeps haunting you. It is also an excellent method to relax your body. Experts reveal that when this stress relieving tool is used in conjugation with meditation and imagery it gives excellent results.

Self-hypnosis is a method by which you can attain an elevated state of focused concentration. In this technique you hypnotize yourself to a point where your mind is absolutely under your spell. When you achieve this state you can certainly attain inner peace and relaxation.

There are certain preparations that you need to do in terms of physical arrangements before you begin practicing self hypnosis. Preliminary you need to change into comfortable clothing so that you feel completely relaxed. Any type of clothing that is tight could easily distract your mind and would not allow you to relax. Make sure that the room you choose for hypnosis is quiet and calm and the temperature is just right. Your room temperature should not be too hot or cold; however keep a blanket handy so that you can cover yourself when you feel the chill. You need to sit on a sofa or couch – whatever you are comfortable in. Some individuals also prefer to lie down; but they end up sleeping. Therefore, the best way is to sit on a couch or sofa by keeping your legs straight; do not cross them.

Once you are comfortable in your position, close your eyes and imagine stress leaving all parts of your body one by one. Begin from your toes right up to your forehead; imagine all the dirty water leaving your body gradually. During this stage, you would find all sorts of thoughts interfering with your practice; do not stop and despair. This is a natural process and you will soon get out of it slowly and steadily. The thoughts will gradually fade away once you try and strength your level of concentration power. Thereafter you are required to take deep breaths and exhale. With each exhalation you need to imagine all bad thoughts, stress and tension leaving your body in form of black clouds.

Once you master this level, you are required to say all positive things that you want to happen in your life. These can be related to your family, work life, pain or monetary stuff. You need to keep repeating all positive statements and feel the waves of relaxations touching all parts of your body. Statements like “With each breath I am feeling relaxed” or “I am no more feeling any pain” are some of the examples you can use for framing your affirmative sentences.The state of hypnosis can last for about 15 – 10 minutes or as long as you want.

Stress is really bad for health; if not controlled it can give rise to serious complications. It is therefore, advised, that individuals practice these techniques to relieve stress from the body. Stress relieving medications are also available, but these however do not turn out to be favorable in the long run. Practice self hypnosis and live a stress free life!!

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Self Hypnosis Technique Self Hypnosis Technique Self Hypnosis Technique

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